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Southwest Airlines Customer Service- Talk To Representatives

If you want to make any changes in your existing flight booking with Southwest Airline booking Number a new flight, you can contact the Southwest customer service team. Once you are in touch with the live person over the phone line, they will start assisting you with your concern. You can contact them for the following reasons:

  • New flight booking
  • Booking for group travel
  • Flight cancellation
  • Request refund for the canceled flight
  • Select or change the seat assignment
  • Order food for the flight
  • Add special service or paid services
  • Ask for the ongoing offers and discounts on the flight bookings

There is a lot more you can do with your flight booking by contacting the customer service team of Southwest Airlines.

How do I contact Southwest customer service before and after Journey?

In order to contact the customer service of Southwest, you need to dial the phone number of Southwest Airline Customer Service and be ready to provide input to the IVR voice through the Dial pad of your smartphone. You need to input the key in the direction to talk to a live person. You might have to wait for a few seconds in the queue and then you will be connected with the Southwest live person.

What is Southwest Airlines Customer Service and Commitment Policy?

Based in Texas, Southwest Airlines is one of the largest low-cost carrier airlines of America which is known for offering its customers the finest services and deals. Besides, to make the travel of the passengers comfortable and hassle-free the airline has introduced various online services and policies which one can get to know once they book their reservations with the airline.

As mentioned, Southwest Airline Phone Number places great significance when it comes to providing customers with the finest services. And for this reason, the airline has introduced the Southwest Airlines commitment policy in accordance with the Department of Transportation. So, for the passengers who are planning to travel by airline, it is required that they have complete details regarding this policy.

Southwest Airlines Commitment Policy

  • Low Fare Flight Tickets 

For the passengers who book flight tickets online or through mobile or reservation centers, they are offered the lowest fare available at the time of booking. One can also try out airlines' low-fare calendar service.

  • Updating Passengers with Cancellation, Delay, and Diversion of Flight

For the convenience of the passengers, the airline has created an automated notification system that notifies the passengers about the delay, cancellation of the flight if the duration exceeds 30 minutes or more. This service is even available for the passengers at the airport to ensure that passengers don’t face difficulty to board their flight easily.

  • Transporting Baggage on Time

Southwest Airline Reservation Number makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the passengers don’t face any issues with baggage handling. For this reason, the baggage of the passengers are boarded on the same flight they are traveling on. In case, if the baggage is delayed then the airline ensures that the baggage is provided to the passengers within 24 hours of the arrival.

However, if the baggage is lost or delayed for reasons out of the passenger's control then, one can file a report and submit it to the airlines or contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

  • Cancellation of Reservations

The airline allows risk-free cancellation with no charge for unchanged reservations 24 hours of purchase. Further, the refund is provided in the original form of payment.

  • Providing due Refund Quickly

As per the rules of the airline, the refund is provided to the passenger in the original form of payment. For the payment made through credit cards, the refund will be provided within seven days of the cancellation request. However, it might be dependent on the credit card company too.

  • Accommodating Passengers with Special needs and Disabilities

Southwest Airlines ensures that passengers with special needs and disabilities are offered the required assistance. For complete information regarding the same one can visit the airline website or contact the reservation center of the airline.

  • Providing Details about airline deals and Frequent Flyer Program

The airline ensures that the passengers have complete details about the various ongoing deals and frequent flyer programs in which one can opt for maximizing the discount.

  • Resolving Complaints

For customers who have queries or issues regarding the airline services or policies, the airline introduced Southwest Airlines Customer Service where one can contact the airline representative and gather complete details regarding their queries.

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